1. Create a Rippled Effect
Transform your tent interior into a royal banquet hall with cream-colored drapery, adding texture and serving as a cohesive backdrop.

2. Construct a Speakeasy
Turn your reception space into a 1920s speakeasy using draping, like these brides did for their Old Hollywood-inspired wedding in the Idaho desert.

3. Think Pink
Reinforce your wedding color palette with pink draping throughout your reception tent, transitioning from a cream ceremony to a blush dinner party outdoors.

4. Recreate Tent Vibes
Use draping to create a tent-like vibe for your oceanside wedding, providing ambiance and privacy while guests enjoy the views.

5. Intensify the Drape
Opt for billowing drapery to add vibrancy to your event space, serving as a neutral backdrop for colorful table linens and floral arrangements.

6. Use Draping as a Colorful Backdrop
Switch up the fabric’s shade to match your wedding design, like olive-toned draping enhancing the visual impact of vibrant florals and details.

7. Frame the Room’s Entrance
Incorporate draping in a rich color to frame the entrance of your wedding space and set the tone for your color palette.

8. Let Nature Shine Through
Enhance your outdoor wedding with draping that allows the natural landscape to peek through, creating a tent illusion while enjoying the scenery.

9. Stun With Sheer
Create a magical, al fresco dinner party ambiance with string lights and sheer ceiling swags, evoking a starry night sky.

10. Bring on the Drama
Define pathways and spaces with drapery, adding glamour and elegance to your wedding reception.

11. Create an Installation
Use draped fabric along the ceiling to create an artful installation, enhancing the overall aesthetic and bringing movement to the design.

12. Cover Poles
Softening your wedding tent with draping along the poles hides structural eyesores and adds aesthetic appeal with creative enhancements like topiaries and floral urns.

13. Weave in Florals
Enhance your outdoor dinner party ambiance with draped structures adorned with fresh florals and greenery, evoking a Tuscan garden feel.

14. Create a Criss-Cross
Cozy up a large space with overhead draping featuring elegant, fluttery swags that crisscross back and forth for a personalized touch.

15. Let It Flow
Bring elegance to your wedding venue with a wave-like approach to drapery, adding beautiful flow to the ceiling.

16. Bring the Outdoors In
Opt for creamy fabric draping with lush greenery garlands woven throughout to create a whimsical garden vibe for your at-home wedding reception.

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