April is an ideal month for weddings, with its delicate and colorful blooms symbolizing new beginnings. Not only does it offer sentimental value, but it also presents an opportunity to incorporate fresh, in-season flowers into your floral design, saving on costs and ensuring vibrant arrangements for your special day.

The Wedding Flower Checklist: Bouquets and Arrangements to Plan For


  • Bell-shaped fritillaria come in various sizes and colors, making them versatile for any arrangement.
  • From bold orange petals to delicate striped or checkered patterns, these flowers add elegance and charm to your floral composition.

Muscari (Grape Hyacinth):

  • Delicate muscari blooms in shades of cobalt blue to pale pink, offering texture and beauty to floral arrangements.
  • Whether as a mono-botanical arrangement or as accents in a bouquet, muscari adds a lovely touch to springtime florals.

Lily of the Valley:

  • Renowned for its timeless elegance, lily of the valley makes for a chic and intimate bridal bouquet.
  • With delicate cupped flowers and contrasting flat leaves, it pairs effortlessly with various wedding dress styles.


  • With a wide range of varieties, tulips are simple yet striking blooms that complement any floral palette.
  • From fringed to double varieties, tulips add movement and versatility to floral arrangements, making them a favorite choice for weddings.

Sweet Peas:

  • Known for their ruffled petals and lovely scent, sweet peas offer a soft and charming texture to garden-inspired bouquets.
  • Whether in bouquets or mono-botanical arrangements, sweet peas enhance the beauty of springtime florals with their delicate appearance.


  • Snapdragons bring a whimsical vibe to floral designs with their sculptural appearance and vibrant colors.
  • Ideal for adding volume and height to arrangements, snapdragons offer versatility in bouquet compositions.


  • Fragrant gardenias in white and ivory hues add texture to monochromatic or muted color palettes.
  • Best suited for personal flowers like boutonnieres or hairpieces, gardenias infuse a delightful aroma into wedding celebrations.


  • Versatile and timeless, roses come in a myriad of colors and varieties, offering endless possibilities for floral designs.
  • Whether for bold structure or sweet softness, roses add elegance and romance to wedding bouquets and arrangements.


  • With a vast range of colors and varieties, orchids are versatile blooms that can accentuate any floral arrangement.
  • Whether used alone in vases or draped in bouquets, orchids create a lush and captivating ambiance for wedding celebrations.


  • Full-petal and bold, peonies are classic blooms that exude beauty and grace in wedding bouquets.
  • Whether standard varieties or specialty options, peonies add a touch of elegance to springtime floral arrangements.


  • Underrated yet timeless, irises come in a variety of colors beyond purple, offering a unique charm to wedding florals.
  • With bearded varieties and vibrant hues, irises add sophistication and allure to bouquet compositions.


  • Sweet and delicate, cornflowers provide a pop of bold blue color to bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Whether in a wildflower-inspired bouquet or atop a wedding cake, cornflowers add a touch of whimsy to wedding décor.


  • Vibrant forsythia branches create dramatic statements in wedding arrangements, especially during spring.
  • Ideal for oversized arrangements or as accents in floral designs, forsythia infuses brightness and energy into wedding décor.


  • Frilly lisianthus blooms complement other flowers in colorful bouquets, adding depth and texture.
  • Available in various shades, lisianthus enhance the beauty of wedding florals with their elegant appearance.


  • Tall and stemmy, delphiniums add height and texture to floral arrangements, making a bold statement.
  • Whether in shades of blue or purple, delphiniums exude simplicity and elegance in wedding décor.


  • Petite tweedia blooms offer delicate accents to all-white bouquets, adding a subtle touch of color.
  • Perfect for centerpieces and arrangements, tweedia enhances the beauty of wedding florals with its understated elegance.


  • Textural and captivating, ranunculus blooms are a less-expected yet stunning option for wedding bouquets.
  • With frilly layers and versatile appeal, ranunculus add charm and allure to bridal arrangements.

By incorporating these exquisite blooms into your wedding floral arrangements, you’ll add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to your special day, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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