As your wedding day approaches, the last thing you want to deal with is stress over logistics. That’s why we recommend adopting a strategy of treating your wedding date as if it were two to three weeks earlier than it actually is. This approach gives you the flexibility to handle any last-minute issues while still focusing on self-care and family matters.

With just seven days remaining until your big day, it’s time to ensure everything is in order. Here’s a practical guide to navigating the week leading up to your wedding, along with some crucial things to avoid.

Touch Base With Your Wedding Party
Ensure everyone’s on the same page with a detailed schedule.

Take Time Off
Schedule a few days off for relaxation and final preparations.

Finalize Your Seating Charts
Accommodate last-minute seating requests from family members.

Alphabetize Escort Cards
Organize escort cards for easy navigation at the venue.

Make Final Payments
Settle any outstanding balances with vendors ahead of time.

Prep and Deliver Welcome Bags
Prepare welcome bags for guests staying at hotels.

Gather Gratuities
Prepare cash gratuities for vendors and service providers.

Prioritize Self-Care
Indulge in pampering activities to look and feel your best.

Book a Trim
Ensure your haircut is fresh but stick to a familiar style.

Break in Your Wedding Shoes
Test your shoes for comfort and mobility before the big day.

Get Your Marriage License
Secure your marriage license according to local requirements.

Put Rain Plans Into Place
Consider backup plans for outdoor events in case of bad weather.

Pack Your Suitcases
Pack essentials for both your wedding weekend and honeymoon.

What Not to Do

Try New Skincare Treatments
Avoid experimenting with new skincare treatments too close to the wedding.

Get a Haircut
Schedule your final haircut well in advance of the wedding date.

Write Your Vows
Practice your vows beforehand to ensure a heartfelt delivery.

Make Unnecessary Changes
Avoid making last-minute changes that could add unnecessary stress.

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