Your wedding day is filled with fleeting moments that you’ll want to cherish forever. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the must-have wedding photos to ensure every precious memory is captured:

1. Invitation Suite
Discuss with your photographer whether to capture it before or after the wedding.

2. Beauty Moment
Document the preparations, including hair and makeup.

3. Accessories
Capture the details of your wedding-day accessories, including something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

4. Getting Ready Moments
Capture the anticipation as you get zipped into your wedding dress.

5. Wedding Shoes
Don’t forget to snap a shot of the carefully chosen wedding shoes.

6. Bridal Portrait
A stunning solo shot of the bride in her wedding dress.

7. Veil
Capture the veil from every angle before it’s removed.

8. Bridal Bouquet
Document the bride holding her beautiful bouquet.

9. Boutonnières
Give attention to the groom’s boutonnière, too.

10. Groom’s Portrait
Ensure the groom has his moment in front of the camera.

11. First Look
Capture the emotional moment when the couple sees each other for the first time.

12. Candid Moments
Capture the natural, unposed moments throughout the day.

13. Portraits
Take time for intimate portraits of the newlyweds.

14. Wedding Party
Gather the entire wedding party for a group photo.

15. Littlest Ones
Document the children in the wedding party.

16. Ceremony Site
Capture the venue before the ceremony begins.

17. Walk Down the Aisle
Document the bride’s entrance.

18. Ring Exchange
Ensure the important moments of the ceremony are captured, including the ring exchange.

19. Laughs
Capture the candid and joyful moments during the ceremony.

20. First Kiss
Document the magical moment of the first kiss as newlyweds.

21. Ceremony Exit
Capture the couple’s departure in a creative and memorable way.

22. Design Details
Photograph the intricate design elements of the wedding.

23. Overall Reception Design
Capture the ambiance and decor of the reception.

24. Place Settings
Highlight the details of the table settings.

25. Floral Arrangements
Document the beauty of the wedding flowers.

26. The Cake
Capture a photo of the wedding cake before it’s cut.

27. First Dance
Document the couple’s first dance together.

28. Cutting and Eating of the Cake
Capture the traditional cake-cutting moment.

29. Dance Party
Capture the lively atmosphere of the dance floor.

30. Last Kiss
End the day with a memorable final kiss as the newlyweds depart.

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