The landscape of wedding gifts has undergone a significant transformation. With honeymoon funds gaining popularity and unique experiential registries emerging on wedding websites, navigating the world of big-day gifts can be daunting for guests. Allison Cullman from Zola emphasizes, “A lot has changed since the wedding registry was first invented, but that doesn’t mean gift-giving is any less important or exciting for modern couples.”

As wedding gifts continue to evolve, so does the etiquette surrounding their presentation. To ensure your gift-giving behavior is in line with expectations, here are six common wedding gift mistakes guests often make, along with what you should do instead.

  1. Skipping the Gift Altogether:
  • Accepting a wedding invitation implies the expectation of giving a gift, regardless of travel expenses.
  • Choose a gift that fits your budget, considering your financial circumstances.
  1. Delayed Gift Sending:
  • Aim to send a gift within three months of the wedding date to demonstrate politeness and consideration.
  1. Bringing Bulky Gifts to the Reception:
  • Preferably, send or deliver gifts before or after the wedding, especially for destination weddings, to ease the couple’s logistics.
  1. Straying from the Registry Without Thought:
  • Stick to the couple’s registry for a gift they’ve chosen and researched, showing respect for their preferences and needs.
  • Even unconventional gifts are appreciated if they match the couple’s lifestyle and needs.
  1. Overlooking Cash Funds:
  • Cash funds are increasingly popular for practical purposes like home-buying or charity contributions.
  • Consider contributing to specific funds or adding a note expressing your intentions, leaving the ultimate decision to the couple.
  1. Mislabeling Checks:
  • Address checks to the person you’re closest to in the couple, using their pre-marriage last name to avoid delays in processing.

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