When wedding planning, tensions can run high, especially if the mothers of the bride and groom don’t see eye-to-eye. Licensed marriage and family therapist Beverley Andre offers guidance on how to handle these delicate situations without losing sight of what matters most: your relationship and your big day.

Recognize the Source of Conflict

Different personalities, communication styles, and cultural backgrounds can contribute to disagreements. Identify specific issues causing friction to address them effectively.

Establish Clear Boundaries

Set boundaries with family members to define roles and responsibilities, preventing conflicts over decision-making. Involve them meaningfully while maintaining control over wedding plans.

Avoid Taking Sides

Resist the urge to side with a parent, as it may escalate tensions. Instead, encourage open dialogue between the mothers and foster a supportive environment for discussion.

Facilitate Direct Communication

Encourage your mothers to communicate directly, expressing their concerns and finding common ground. Intervene only if the conflict impacts your relationship, approaching each parent separately.

Prioritize Couple Communication

Maintain open communication with your partner, discussing parental conflicts and joint decisions. Use “I” statements, validate each other’s perspectives, and reaffirm your commitment as a team.

Seek Professional Support if Needed

Consider seeking guidance from a therapist to navigate complex family dynamics and strengthen your relationship before tying the knot.

By addressing conflicts calmly and collaboratively, you can navigate family tensions and ensure a harmonious wedding celebration.

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