• What to Wear As a Guest: When attending a bridal shower, it’s essential to choose an outfit that reflects the event’s tone while adhering to standard wedding fashion etiquette. Sarah Abbasi, a bridal fashion expert, recommends avoiding white attire, extravagant silhouettes, and overly revealing outfits to ensure the focus remains on the bride.
  • Choosing Your Outfit: Consider the dress code, venue, and season when selecting your ensemble. For casual events, opt for sundresses or coordinated separates, while formal affairs call for midi dresses or pantsuits. Pay attention to the bride’s preferences and the location of the event to ensure your outfit is appropriate and comfortable.
  • Factors to Consider: Factor in the venue’s formality and location when planning your attire. For outdoor events, choose flat shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Additionally, consider the season when selecting colors and fabrics to stay comfortable throughout the celebration.
  • What Bridesmaids Should Wear: Bridesmaids have more flexibility in their attire choices for bridal showers unless the bride specifies otherwise. It’s always a good idea to communicate with the bride regarding style preferences to ensure cohesion with the event’s overall vision.

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