Wearing your mother’s wedding dress is a heartfelt tribute to family tradition, but modernizing it can add a unique touch to your special day. Here are eight alteration ideas from Kersten Brittle, owner of When We Were Young, to help you transform your mom’s gown into a stylish ensemble that reflects your personal taste:

  1. Mini Dress: Shorten the hemline for a youthful and sexy look, perfect for dancing the night away.
  2. High-Low Gown: Create a playful silhouette by keeping a longer skirt in the back and shortening the front.
  3. Pantsuit: Opt for a sleek and sophisticated ensemble with a blazer and trousers, ideal for courthouse ceremonies or rooftop weddings.
  4. Jumpsuit: Embrace versatility with a one-piece outfit that offers various designs, suitable for bohemian or chic aesthetics.
  5. Romper: Similar to a jumpsuit but with shorts instead of pants, a romper is a trendy option for warmer climates or casual events.
  6. Two-Piece Skirt Set: Make a fashion statement with a cropped shirt and skirt, perfect for outdoor or colder-weather weddings.
  7. Getting-Ready Robe: Repurpose the fabric into a cozy robe for pre-wedding preparations, especially if the dress isn’t your style or lacks enough fabric.
  8. Jacket: Create a functional garment that can be worn beyond the wedding day, providing warmth and style for any occasion.

By considering these alteration ideas, you can honor tradition while expressing your individuality on your big day.

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