Planning a beautiful wedding involves paying attention to the little details that make the day special. One such detail is the head table, where the married couple sits during the reception. It’s a focal point of the celebration and can be customized to reflect the season and your personal style.

What Is a Head Table?

The head table is where the newlyweds sit during the reception, usually in a prominent spot. It’s often decorated and includes members of the wedding party seated nearby.

Who Sits at the Head Table at a Wedding Reception?

At the head table, you’ll typically find the couple, along with members of their wedding party.

1. Go for Spring Garden Vibes

Create a lush garden feel with a floral runner featuring beautiful spring blooms like ranunculus, roses, tulips, and greenery.

2. Utilize Soft Pinks and Neutrals

Combine soft pinks and neutral tones for a delicate, spring-inspired look. Think light-pink flowers, greenery, touches of white, and neutral linens.

3. Use a Pop of Spring Color

Incorporate spring flowers into your decor with similar tones in the main arrangements, then add a pop of vibrant color like tangerine-hued tulips for contrast.

4. Opt for Hanging Florals

Elevate your reception space with a hanging floral installation above the head table, featuring bright spring colors like pinks, jewel tones, neutrals, yellows, and oranges.

5. Incorporate Light-Catching Glass

Take advantage of the sunlight with glassware that catches and reflects light. Use drinking glasses, vases, and candles to create a luminous effect paired with bright florals or citrus accents.

6. Use Fruit as Decoration

Celebrate spring’s bounty by incorporating fresh fruits like grapes into your head table decor, paired with flowers for a beautiful and seasonal display.

7. Display Tiny, Colorful Floral Arrangements

For a more subtle approach, line the head table with small vases filled with bright spring flowers, creating a delicate and cheerful atmosphere.

8. Hang Fresh Tulips Above the Table

Add a touch of whimsy with hanging tulips above the head table, creating a garden-inspired focal point that draws the eye.

9. Embrace Whimsy and Nostalgia

Infuse your head table with playful elements like a backdrop of colorful balloons, creating a fun and nostalgic atmosphere.

10. Balance With a Bold Hue

Add depth to your head table with a bold accent color like navy blue, balancing out lighter elements for a cohesive look.

These ideas offer creative ways to incorporate the beauty of spring into your wedding head table, making it a memorable part of your special day.

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